Every firm has a pro bono program.  And the programs are pretty much the same for the attorneys yet differ for staff.  As a docketing professional, are you involved with pro bono? Does the firm offer you the chance to participate in a worthy charitable cause?

There are so many worthy organizations that need your help.  From legal clinics to food pantries, your contribution will make a difference in the livelihood of the people represented. The problem is that some firms do not include their staff in the pro bono activities.  That is too bad because there are so many more volunteers that can help.

Some of the charitable causes firm’s do offer for their staff include the following.

  • Food Depositories – packing boxed meals or cleaning food items for distribution.
  • Book Collections – gathering new or slightly used books for underprivileged children.
  • Toy Drives – collecting new toys for the holiday distribution to charitable organizations.
  • Monetary donations – used to donate a sum of money for a worthy cause.
  • Races – participating in organized charitable marathons as a runner or sideline helper.
  • Legal Clinics – assist attorneys in screening lower income people for various types of free legal advice.

Many parents already participate in food drives and other charitable causes in their child’s school but participating in their professional setting is quite different as it fosters collegial relationships whereas they may never know each other.  When you get the chance, participate in your firm’s pro bono activities and make a difference in someone’s life.  If your firm does not include you as a staff member, ask them to start.