Docketing Specialist – Job Description

The Docketing Specialist is a key ingredient to a messy recipe of disaster. The position is always responsible for every mistake. Strong tolerance to mental and physical abuse with awesome interpersonal skills, which you will need. Always available even if the position is nonexempt. Candidate must have the ability to work under a lot of pressure and respond quickly to unreasonable demands.


  • Use the docketing system to calendar important deadlines including wedding anniversaries, birthdays, and anything received telepathically, on paper and on coffee stained napkins.
  • Assist personnel with carrying boxes, ordering lunch, picking up dry cleaning, getting them coffee, and ordering gifts for other people’s spouses.
  • Extract information from all kinds of resources that exist and do not exist.
  • Use your own credit card to pay for all filings and wait a couple of months to get reimbursed. Late fees or penalties will not be reimbursed.
  • Electronically file documents using another person’s credentials without their permission.
  • Know every rule, law, and procedure even if archaic.
  • Break every rule, law, and procedure to complete the request.
  • Enforce non-existent docketing policies.
  • Assist with ridiculous projects as assigned by unqualified manager.


  • PhD in psychology required. Law degree preferred.
  • Twenty (20) years of experience preferred with little to no salary expectation.
  • Detail oriented, extremely well organized to compensate for an extremely disorganized department, and able to prioritize tasks only to be told that someone’s request is more important.
  • Ability to handle rude and obnoxious personnel without violence.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills would be nice.
  • Thorough knowledge of every rule and statute with an emphasis on substantive work product.
  • Flexibility to work late every day and on weekends.
  • Willingness to give up personal life and family regardless of commitments.

We are an equal opportunity employer but reserve the right to hire family and clients’ kids over qualified candidates.