The National Docketing Association (NDA) has been in existence for almost 7 years.  The most recent conference in Orlando was in its 5th year. From a handful of members in its 1st year to over 800 in its 7th year is quite impressive.  That is an average of over 100 new members per year. At a cost of $25 for full membership, you can’t go wrong.

I am estimating that this year’s conference had approximately 120 members plus multiple vendors. That adds up to about 15 percent of its members. Not bad for a small organization.

The educational value of the conference is priceless. The sessions were well thought out and the amount of information was adequate for learning and taking back a lot of material.

I especially liked the round table sessions and heard others share the same feeling. Not only were they informational in content but the networking with like people was very valuable. I learned a lot about best practices and can adopt some of them, especially with workflow processes.

Besides learning from so many smart and professional people, the conference was a lot of fun. The after hours cocktail parties provided attendees with a wealth of networking opportunity.  I know I met quite a few new connections. The biggest hit was the entertainment provided by American LegalNet. If you had the opportunity to join their events, you were very lucky.

The Board of Directors should be commended for a job well done. It is no easy feat to organize such a event and I know that from personal experience.  Kudos to the NDA.