While searching for good articles related to docketing, which there are not many, I came across this blog title. It belongs to a Reed Tech author, Chris Holt. Reed Tech is a LexisNexis company.

As you read the article, which the company calls an IP Resource, the main topic appears to discourage readers from using IP docketing software and support as it is becoming antiquated and unreliable. The readers are most likely companies, attorneys, and in house legal counsel.

The author claims that “IP docketing is about to join the lengthening list of error-prone, legacy practices that have been upended by new information technology.” Of course the new information technology is offered by Reed Tech. Also, I do not believe that LexisNexis offers any kind of docketing software. How convenient.

The article was written in April 2015 so it is somewhat outdated. However, two years later and I do not see IP docketing software or support going anywhere soon. Do you? The article tries to convince readers that IP docketing support is error prone and a high risk. On the contrary, IP docketing reduces the risks associated with deadline errors. I wonder what the professional liability insurance carriers would think about Mr. Holt’s suggestions.


Your thoughts?